Mini Tummy Tuck Case Study 4

This lady has previous had abdominal surgery in the form of a caesarean section. Her abdominal wall has minimal muscle divarication and she is troubled by the overhang at the bottom of the abdomen where the caesarean scar exists. A mini tummy tuck is an excellent procedure in patients where there are minimal issues in … Continued
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Mini Tummy Tuck Case Study 3

This lady did not wish to have vertical component scar to his abdominoplasty. The distance between the ribs and the tummy button was short in relation to the distance from the tummy button to the pubic region. In this scenario a mini tummy tuck incision can be used to gain access to the abdominal wall … Continued
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Mini Tummy Tuck Case Study 2

This lady has previously had a caesarean section. The scar has healed leaving an overhang. A mini tummy tuck in this case removed the previous scar and combined with a little liposuction has resulted in a more refined and aesthetically pleasing abdomen. The scar is 6 weeks postop and the scar will continue to fade … Continued
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Mini Tummy Tuck Case Study 1

This lady has previously had a tummy tuck and hernia repair elsewhere. She wished to have the appearance improved. She did not wish to have her abdominal wall strengthened any further or have a re-repair of the bulge around her abdomen. Although not a hernia she did have a weakness. She opted simply to have … Continued
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