Dermal fillers Case Study 5

Use of dermal fillers to improve the fullness of the lips. Performed using fillers with anaesthetic requiring no additional block. Appearance immediately after filler injected.
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Dermal fillers Case Study 2

The use of non surgical fillers remains a good alternative to surgical correction of the nasolabial folds and lower face around the oral region. Hyaluronic acid has been used to help improve the perioral and nasolabial regions.
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Dermal fillers Case Study 1

This lady wished to increase the volume of her midface. She did not have a lot of fat to consider autologous fat transfer and in this case hyaluronic acid is a good option. She is shown immediately following injection of hayaluronic acid into the malar/ upper outer cheek area. 1ml of hyaluronic acid has been … Continued
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Botulinum toxin Case Study 1

Botulinum Toxin has been used to elevate the brow in this lady. It can give a subtle lift of the brow that improves the periorbital appearance.
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