Our top five tips for a great recovery after surgery

Our top five tips for a great recovery after surgery

After a cosmetic procedure, it is normal to feel tired and worn out, your body has undergone a huge change and needs time to rest and re-charge; and it’s important that you let it. Many patients want to accelerate the recovery process so they can go out and enjoy these new changes to their body. … Continued

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Mommy makeovers - should you consider this procedure

Mommy Makeovers – Should you consider this procedure?

A mommy makeover is a procedure designed to rejuvenate the areas of your body affected by pregnancy. This procedure typically focuses on the breasts and the abdomen. During pregnancy, the breasts can become larger along with the stomach, and so after birth, these areas can tend to sag. A mommy makeover will attempt to correct … Continued

Is it time to remove my breast implants

Is it time to remove my breast implants?

Breast implants age just as our bodies’ age and with time there are changes that occur. Often these changes cause minimal disruption to patients but pain, discomfort and visible change to implants can occur. The most accurate data available on implants from the FDA suggests that 30% of all primary breast implants will need to … Continued

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Breast rejuvenation surgery - what are the options

Breast rejuvenation surgery – what are the options?

Breast rejuvenation surgery has long been one of the most popular surgical procedures among women. While breast rejuvenation surgery has remained consistently popular, what has changed is the number of options available to women looking to improve the aesthetic appearance of their breasts. Technical innovations and procedure improvements mean that there are more accessible tailor-made … Continued

Blepharoplasty - seeing is believing

Blepharoplasty – Seeing is believing

The eyes are one of our most striking facial features but as we age, our skin slowly loses its elasticity causing the tissue of the brow, lower and upper eyelids to sag. This can cause both functional and aesthetic concerns. In the upper lids excess skin can interfere with sight, impairs vision and an upper … Continued

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