Undergoing fat transfer Manchester

Choosing fat transfer Manchester to improve breast volume When researching surgery to improve breast volume it may be worth considering autologous fat transfer Manchester. This form of cosmetic procedure is designed to enhance the shape or volume of the breasts and for some women may provide a more suitable alternative to other forms of breast … Continued

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What is a mummy makeover Manchester?

Discover what body contouring procedures are part of a mummy makeover Manchester The term mummy makeover Manchester eludes to the combination of several surgical body contouring procedures designed to rejuvenate the body. Most commonly this form of rejuvenation surgery includes a form of abdominoplasty (also know as the tummy tuck) and fat removal, plus breast … Continued

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Cosmetic Surgery and Body Image. A Public Health epidemic?

The reasons for patients wishing to undergo cosmetic surgery are complex. Although cosmetic surgery can improve quality of life and can help improve ones body image, patients should only consider cosmetic surgery after carefully considering the pros and cons and risks. It is also imperative that potential patients have realistic expectations and aspirations. Patients must … Continued

Rejuvenate the body with a mummy makeover Manchester

How would a mummy makeover Manchester improve your self-esteem? For women seeking to improve their self-esteem post pregnancy, the mummy makeover Manchester can offer life-changing results, both physically and mentally. Surgical body contouring procedures can be combined to improve the appearance of areas of the body most commonly affected when pregnant; in most cases this … Continued

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Gary Ross

Communicating with Patients Throughout the Surgical Journey

I recently consulted with a patient that underwent the removal of a lipoma from her shoulder performed by another surgeon at a different hospital. The surgery had only been performed 2 weeks previously. She described attending her postop consultation, 48 hours previously, with her original surgeon and expressing concern about the appearance of her scar. … Continued

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Why You Should Quit Smoking Before Surgery

Smoking and Surgery To quit smoking, in general, is difficult but quitting before surgery, and continuing to refrain post-surgery, can make dramatic differences to your recovery and is one of the most beneficial changes any patient can make. Giving up the habit is a smart decision no matter what the circumstances are as there are … Continued

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when is the best time to get a facelift

When is it time to get a facelift?

For many individuals, getting facelift surgery is a question of when not if. If you have decided that a facelift is in your future, remember that everyone ages in a unique way and on an individual timeline. There is no specific point at which it is clear that it is time to undergo a facelift. … Continued

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How to reduce stress and anxiety in your everyday life

Anyone considering cosmetic surgery needs to have minimal stress and anxiety in their lives before considering surgery. If you have suffered with stress and anxiety here are some recommendations: – 1. Speak to your GP If you are feeling overwhelmed with stress and anxiety and this is impacting your health, then the most important thing … Continued

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October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

It is extremely important for everyone to check their breasts regularly, including men. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and Mr Ross and his team would like to ensure that you know what you are looking for during your self-examination. Do you examine your breasts? It is essential to be familiar with your breasts, whether … Continued

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eyelid rejuvenation surgery

Is it Time for Eyelid Rejuvenation Surgery?

We’re all a little guilty of sticking to our trusted make-up routine throughout the years that we most likely developed in our early 20’s or even late teens. As you age, you can suddenly find that your go-to look is no longer cutting it and that your eye makeup is now hidden under your eyelids. … Continued

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