What Does A Facelift Involve and The History of Facelifts

Discussing what a facelift involves and the history of facelifts is the discussion of the next video in our vlog series. Facelifts have become a popular procedure for many patients but many may not be entirely sure what the procedure entails. In this video, there is further information provided around plastic surgery for your face … Continued

Why You Should Avoid Cosmetic Surgery Abroad

Cosmetic Surgery Abroad Has Many Risks For many reasons, more and more patients have chosen to undergo cosmetic surgery abroad. While the lower costs may make this seem like a good idea, there are risks associated with leaving the UK for procedures. Picking plastic surgery UK instead of overseas means you’ll be getting a service … Continued

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Changing Opinions about Cosmetic Surgery for Men

Popular Procedures and Cosmetic Surgery for Men The cosmetic surgery landscape has changed vastly in the last 10 years. Most notably cosmetic surgery for men has seen a year on year rise. It’s often thought that women are the main driving force in cosmetic procedures, however, in the UK we see more and more men … Continued

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What Causes The Ageing Process And The Impacts of Ageing

In this video, we discuss what causes the ageing process and the impacts of ageing. When ageing occurs the biggest effect it has on the skin is in the facial area. Many patients find that they wish to rejuvenate their skin through a face rejuvenation procedure because they are beginning to develop ageing facial skin. … Continued

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Can Fat Grafting be Effective Anti-Ageing for the Face?

Fat grafting using the autologous fat transfer method as an anti ageing treatment An increasingly popular form of fat grafting is rapidly becoming a go-to anti-ageing procedure for patients. Autologous fat transfer can be completed as a stand-alone procedure or as part of a wider treatment plan. They can be used to provide facial volume … Continued

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6 Benefits of Neck Lift Surgery

The Best Reasons To Undergo Neck Lift Surgery Neck lift surgery falls under the facial rejuvenation procedure umbrella. It’s a popular and common form of cosmetic surgery designed to make the neck look more youthful. Both men and women are suitable for this type of anti ageing surgery. Neck lift surgery patients are usually over … Continued

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Popular cosmetic surgery choices for men

The five most popular cosmetic surgery choices for men It was often considered to be something mainly undertaken by women, but more men than ever are undergoing cosmetic surgery, according to reports across the world. There are numerous cosmetic and aesthetic treatments and procedures that are specifically designed to rejuvenate the face and body. Some … Continued

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Breast Augmentation Removal With Skin Firming & Tightening

Introducing our next video in the vlog series, we dig deeper into the procedure of breast augmentation removal when patients choose to get a breast revision after a previous breast surgery procedure. In some cases, when a patient goes through a breast enhancement procedure, over time the breast augmentation results can change for several reasons … Continued

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Having Fat Transfer To Your Breasts After Abdominoplasty Surgery

For the next installment in our vlog series, we look deeper into abdominoplasty surgery and how the excessive skin tissue that’s removed after the surgery can be utilised to perform a fat transfer to your breasts. After an abdominoplasty surgery, when fat is removed from the abdominal region there can be excessive tissue that is … Continued

Vaginal rejuvenation surgery and intimate cosmetic procedures

Advice regarding vaginal rejuvenation surgery following on from media reports Last week the FDA launched a review of the way some vaginal rejuvenation surgery devices and treatments are marketed. The news from America quickly made its way to the UK, and left people asking questions with regards to intimate cosmetic procedures. The US regulators of … Continued

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