Could facial fat transfer treatments replace dermal fillers?

Could facial fat transfer treatments replace dermal fillers? Dermal filler treatments could be replaced by fat transfer treatments There’s no doubt that dermal filler treatments are one of the most popular non surgical anti ageing treatments in the UK now, but recently it’s been suggested that fat transfer treatments could replace them. According to the … Continued

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Five good reasons to demand your clinician should have an MSc in Skin Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine

By Deirdre Jones, Clare Kiely Tristan Mehta, Richard Morgan, Pavan Sambi, Jinah Yoo Did you know that fillers can cause blindness? Has your cosmetic practitioner every heard of central retinal artery? Have you heard of the use of hyalase in cosmetic medicine? Do you know what a granulomatous reaction is? Is your practitioner insured? The … Continued

An aid to accurate planning of alar reconstruction in rhinoplasty

Accurate placement of intranasal incisions to achieve external alar symmetry is difficult. A detailed anatomical knowledge of intranasal anatomy is required to allow an appropriate incision to be made within the nasal vestibule. By marking the level of the intracartilaginous incision on the external surface using a pair of alice forceps, the marking is subsequently … Continued

One stage mastopexy augmentation in the ptotic patient

The use of one stage mastopexy augmentation in the ptotic patient remains controversial. Expansion of breast volume and reduction of the skin envelope contradict each other and increase the risks of potential complications. By carefully selecting and consenting patients appropriately I describe the use of the superiorly based dermal flap for autologous reinforcement of the … Continued

Reconstructing Beauty

The diagnosis of breast cancer can be devastating and decisions regarding reconstruction are often seen as a secondary consideration when dealing with so many other painful issues. Download Article

Reconstruction of smaller breasts following mastectomy

Immediate reconstruction using tissue expander/implants following prophylactic mastectomy for smaller breasts is a reliable means of providing similar size, shape and symmetrical reconstructions. The superiorly based pectoralis fascial flap allows an immediate reconstruction of the inferior pole and may eliminate the need for tissue expansion. Download Article

Volumetric short scar rhytidectomy: indications, technique and outcomes

Procedures combining a short scar with superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) manipulation are increasingly popular for patients with early signs of midand lower-facial laxity seeking rhytidectomy. We present the senior author’s experience with a short scar volumetric malar imbrication rhytidectomy, which avoids post-auricular incisions and sub-SMAS dissection. Download Article