Different Types Of Skin Plumping Treatments

There many different types of skin-plumping treatments available to choose from. There are also non-surgical methods that can help to change and plump the skin to provide it with a fuller and younger effect. This is normally through non-surgical heating and cooling devices which use different levels of energy to plump up the skin. For … Continued

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Skin Reconstruction Surgery For Defects After Cancer

Unfortunately, we are continuing to see skin cancer rapidly rise in a number of patients and as a result, they’re requiring skin reconstruction surgery. The procedure to remove skin cancer cells can often leave defects on the skin which require reconstruction of the skin in order to provide it with a more aesthetically pleasing result. … Continued

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What Is Involved In The Buttock Augmentation Procedure?

There are different ways to augment the buttocks which is why we tend to have many patients ask what is involved in the buttock augmentation procedure. Essentially, the most effective way to enhance the buttocks through a buttock augmentation procedure is either through incision techniques or by using tissue procedures such as body lifting. In … Continued

What Is Body Contouring Surgery?

From all the surgery options that are available for patients, you may be asking what is body contouring surgery and how can it benefit you? In the next series of our vlog, we’ll be looking into the surgery and understanding further details about the type of surgery it is and in what ways can it … Continued

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Having Plastic Surgery After Pregnancy

There has been a rapid expansion of patients wishing to have plastic surgery after pregnancy and the main areas are the breast and abdomen which they wish to have worked on. Skin can stretch over time and with age which causes stretch marks and excess skin to form on the body. This can decrease the … Continued

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Different ways to contour your body through surgery

The choice to contour your body is a common surgery for most surgeons. The most common areas that patients request contouring on include the abdomen area, the breasts and the arms and thighs. In a lot of these surgeries, the surgery can also be done in a combination of areas. This is shown in the … Continued

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What is an arm lift? – Arm reduction surgery

What is an arm lift? It’s another name that is provided for an arm reduction surgery. It tends to be a form of surgery that’s quite significant for patients who enjoy wearing low cut dresses. It involves the process of contouring the arms around the elbow and exilit. This is the most common area where … Continued

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I have different breast shapes, should I have the same implants?

A common question that patients tend to ask when they’re going through breast augmentation relates to them having different breast shapes, and whether because of this whether they should have the same or different shaped implants. When you ask yourself this question, it’s extremely important that the pros and cons are ran through for this … Continued

Mastopexy Breast Implant

Can Breast Implants Cause An Areola Lift?

For the next vlog series, we look at breast implants and whether having the surgery can cause an areola lift on your breasts. Implants come in many different shapes and sizes so it’s important to choose the correct one for you if you wish to see it has an impact on your nipples too. To … Continued

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Breast Reduction Surgery

Will The Shape Of My Breasts Change Post Breast Reduction?

For our next vlog series we look at the shape of breasts and if the shape of them change post breast reduction surgery. As there is a removal of tissue, patients may wonder if or how the shape of their breasts will change post breast reduction. Of course, every circumstance will change but this video … Continued

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