Men’s Cosmetic Surgery

The Gent explores the growing popularity of cosmetic surgery for men, with BMI Healthcare, the uk’s largest private hospital group. When it comes to grooming and looking after his appearance, the evolution of the male of the species has been slow – but steady. It seems laughable now but as recently as the early 1970’s it was considered ‘unmanly’ to wear deodorant. Today of course it is routine – demanded, even – and a similarly relaxed attitude is spreading to men who ‘have a little work done’. Mr Gary Ross, Consultant Plastic Surgeon at BMI The Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle, comments: “There are many reasons why increasing numbers of men are seeing cosmetic consultants. We’re living and working a lot longer, so the need to be professionally presentable is more important than ever. But we also live in an increasingly visual world. And if a man can spend time and money on good clothes or a good haircut, why not on eyelids, bags, faces and chests?”

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