woman covering breasts with scars underneath to show breast augmentation recovery

Why Are my Breasts Uneven? Causes of Asymmetrical Breasts

Do your breasts appear uneven? Is one more lopsided than the other? You’ll be surprised to know that asymmetrical breasts are extremely common in women. This is when your breasts appear different in size, shape or position, even with fully developed breasts this can be normal. The causes of asymmetrical breasts can be genetically driven … Continued

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closed rhinoplasty surgery

Common Types of Nose Surgery

You may be more familiar with a cosmetic nose surgery to help change the appearance of your nose, but did you know there are different types of nose surgery? A cosmetic rhinoplasty is a very common choice for patients that are looking to ‘improve’ how their nose looks. However, other nose surgeries are also available, … Continued

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woman covering breasts with scars underneath to show breast augmentation recovery

Skin Care Tips After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Here at Gary Ross, we want to make sure that you take the best possible skin care tips after breast augmentation surgery for your aftercare. These precautionary measures can ensure that you heal well and gain the best possible results. It can also improve your recovery time making you feel comfortable in the process. We’ve … Continued

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Surgeon drawing lines for breast implant

Are There Any Benefits Of A Breast Reduction?

As a woman, you may encounter some physical symptoms such as back pain and neck ache. What you may not realise is that your large breasts will be the result of this. It’s common for females with large breasts to experience discomfort when their breasts aren’t necessarily in proportion with the rest of their body. … Continued

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hands with doctor's gloves pushing up woman's eyelids

What is Considered The ‘Best Age’ to Get a Facelift?

How your skin looks in the future depends on the care that you provide it. Caring for your skin can provide youthful, young-looking skin. Unfortunately, factors you can’t control such as sun exposure, gravity and general stress can promote the ageing process in your skin. As a result, over time your face develops permanent fine … Continued

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hands drawing lines underneath breasts

Difficulties That Come With Having Large Breast Implants

One of the important aspects that you need to consider when having breast augmentation surgery is the size of the breast implants that you have. You may want a modest increase in size for your breasts or choose to have large breast implants that provide a more dramatic look. The choice of size for your … Continued

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woman holding breast with pink towel as lopsided breast

Is it Possible to Have a Second Breast reduction?

In the past, you may have gone through a breast reduction but later down the line, you’re not happy with the results. There can be a number of reasons for this including: – Not being happy with your current size – Asymmetry was created when you went through the surgery – Gained more weight after … Continued

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woman having botox brow lift injection

4 Common Complications From Having Botox Injections in Face

Botulinum Toxin, more commonly known as Botox, is an extremely popular procedure within cosmetic surgery. They tend to be provided in the form of botox injections in face by many surgeons and practices around the world. Their main purpose is to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by relaxing the underlying muscles under … Continued

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woman holding up image of breasts in a bra after breast reduction surgery

Common Questions to ask During a Breast Reduction Consultation

There can be many reasons why you’d consider a breast reduction procedure. These may include poor posture, back pain or even issues with purchasing clothing. Before going into surgery, you would require a breast reduction consultation. This allows you to discuss the procedure with your surgeon in more detail. Initially, when you begin your search … Continued

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man with lines on stomach for male body rejuvenation surgery

What are the Popular Male Body Contouring Procedures Available?

Over the years, cosmetic surgery for men has become more accepted within society. In some cases, some surgical procedures are seen more popular for men than women. In particular, men have been more drawn towards male body contouring procedures as a way to define their shape and appearance. Over time, patients can witness signs of … Continued

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