person pulling stomach skin for tummy tuck excess skin removal

Can I Get A Liposuction Procedure On Stomach Fat?

Liposuction surgery is the process of removing fat from the body and can be used on several areas. Many patients consider having the liposuction procedure on stomach fat. Although there are many positives when undergoing this procedure, there are also negative points to be wary of. More specifically, on some occasions, too much or not … Continued

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Can My Buttocks Improve By Moving Fat From Stomach To Buttocks?

It can be rather common for patients to use a liposuction procedure for moving fat from stomach to buttocks. What you might ask yourself though is whether this surgical procedure will actually help to improve the appearance of your buttocks. In this vlog, we go into more detail about liposuction and whether it can enhance … Continued

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Blepharoplasty - seeing is believing

Can Eyes Appear Different? Blepharoplasty Before And After

What patients need to consider before going through any form of facial rejuvenation surgery is that both sides of the face are different, therefore how your face appears from blepharoplasty before and after, for example, will always appear dissimilar. The image shown in the video is a good example of this. You’ll see in the … Continued

closed rhinoplasty surgery

What Happens During Surgery For Nose Tip Reshaping?

Surgery that involves nose tip reshaping is more commonly known as a tip rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty surgery is chosen if a patient is looking to change the appearance of their nose and gain more aesthetically pleasing results. For surgery that involves nose tip reshaping, there are several structures of the nose that need to be considered … Continued

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How Long Is Upper Eyelid Surgery Recovery Time?

A popular question that arises from the many patients who receive upper blepharoplasty surgery is how long the upper eyelid surgery recovery time is. Upper Blepharoplasty involves the removal of skin on the upper eyelid of a patient. Many patients may choose to have this type of surgery when they have excess skin forming on … Continued

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doctor pushing up patient nostrils for nose reshaping surgery

Should I Have Rhinoplasty Surgery To Repair A Broken Nose?

When a patient receives a broken nose, there can be effects on the nose that will impact your physical appearance and many believe rhinoplasty surgery to repair a broken nose is the solution to this. However, it’s important to be patient with the decision on what you wish to do as there are many aspects … Continued

doctor pushing up patient nostrils for nose reshaping surgery

When Should I Consider A Revision Rhinoplasty?

A revision rhinoplasty surgery is an extremely complex and sensitive surgery. It’s a surgery that’s performed when an issue has appeared from a previous nose job surgery which is why it’s essential that the pros and cons of the surgery during a consultation. Depending on the issues that you’ve had will determine whether revision rhinoplasty … Continued

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hands with doctor's gloves pushing up woman's eyelids

What Causes Ptosis? – Blepharoplasty Surgery

Blepharoplasty surgery is the type of surgery that can be a help for droopy eyelids. It helps to correct defects and disfigurations in the eye for a better appearance. In the video, there is an example provided of a patient who has gone through an upper lid blepharoplasty procedure in order to correct the disfiguration … Continued

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lines drawn on person to show body contouring surgery

Three popular procedures using fat transfer surgery

The surprising procedures using fat transfer surgery available now The popularity of fat transfer surgery has continued to rise, with more men and women then ever seeking information about this type of procedure. It’s actually incredibly versatile and can offer multiple benefits to patients of all ages. Below you’ll find 3 procedures using fat transfer … Continued

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close up of person's eye, brow lifting

Can Upper Blepharoplasty Benefit Men?

First and foremost, blepharoplasty is a type of plastic surgery which corrects defects or deformities to the eyelid. It is also used to change the aesthetic appearance of the overall eye region. Typically, this is a procedure which is much more commonly requested by female patients. The cases which see men request blepharoplasty surgery often … Continued

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