closed rhinoplasty surgery

Can The Nose Tip Position Alter During A Closed Rhinoplasty Procedure?

In our next vlog for December, we look into a closed rhinoplasty procedure and whether the nose tip can be altered during this type of surgery. A closed rhinoplasty procedure is conducted to reshape a patient’s nose. There can be several reasons why a patient may choose to have a closed rhinoplasty procedure and this … Continued

man with dashed lines on drawn on face to show facelift surgery

Procedures to reduce facial ageing for men

Which procedures are men opting for to improve facial ageing? When it comes to male cosmetic surgery, there has never been more demand. The idea that men do not seek procedures to reduce facial ageing could not be further from the truth, and as we enter 2019 this looks set to rise further. The stigma … Continued

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Popular types of facial rejuvenation surgery

The most popular types of facial rejuvenation surgery revealed For patients considering the facial rejuvenation surgery there are numerous factors that need to be considered. Most importantly you need to ascertain whether or not your chosen anti-ageing surgery procedure is actually the right one for you. There are many reasons a patient may consider facial … Continued

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hands with doctor's gloves pushing up woman's eyelids

Anti ageing treatments for the eye area

Choosing the best anti ageing treatments for the eyes Anti ageing treatments for the eye area are a great way to looking more youthful in time for the festive period. As we approach the end of 2018 and look forward to the New Year ahead, you may be considering undergoing cosmetic treatments to rejuvenate the … Continued

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hands drawing lines underneath breasts

Response to news of breast implant and cancer link

Response to news of breast implant and cancer link After a recent BBC investigation raised fears for UK women with breast implants, Mr Gary Ross has offered advice following the TV programme. Mr Ross said the documentary had raised concerns about the use of textured breast implants, but pointed out that implants come with some … Continued

lines drawn on person to show body contouring surgery

How Much Tissue Is Removed In A Fleur De Lis Operation?

Continuing our abdomen theme, next we look at tissue removal in a Fleur De Lis operation and the considerations made before determining the amount of tissue is actually removed. In the video, further details are provided about the procedure and how it’s conducted. Essentially, a Fleur De Lis operation is similar to that of a … Continued

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person pulling the skin of their right arm

Do Brachioplasty Scars Fade Over Time?

How To Look After Your Brachioplasty Scar A common question asked after brachioplasty surgery is how to care for and improve the appearance of an arm lift scar. In today’s blog we will take a look at the best ways you can look after your scar after this type of surgery. As with all forms … Continued

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Does A Fleur De Lis Surgery Affect The Thighs & Buttocks?

In our next vlog for the month, we discuss whether a Fleur De Lis surgery can affect the thighs & buttocks. A Fleur Des Lis surgery involves the removal of tissue which provides a horizontal scar and a vertical scar in the midline region of the abdomen. It’s a procedure that removes tissue in a … Continued

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elder woman leaning on sofa to represent facial ageing

What Are The Common Signs Of Facial Ageing?

Understanding The Skin And Treating Facial Ageing The skin changes with age and we start to see signs of ageing within the face. While this happens to everyone at some point, many people look to treat these concerns to look more youthful. Common facial ageing signs include fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, sagging … Continued

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