close up of woman's right eye

Surprising Benefits of Blepharoplasty You May Not Have Known

An eye lift procedure, also known as a blepharoplasty, is a common facial rejuvenation surgery that can have many benefits. It involves removing excess fat and skin that may appear ‘puffy’ or causing your eyelids to droop. The main reason for patients having blepharoplasty surgery is to appear youthful and reduce the signs of ageing. … Continued

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woman holding breast with pink towel as lopsided breast

Can I Do Any Heavy Lifting After Breast Augmentation Surgery?

One of the common questions patients tend to ask before surgery is whether they can perform any heavy lifting after breast augmentation, including lifting their children. This can be particularly common for mothers who are worried about how they’d be able to look after their children following the surgery. It’s strongly advised that at least … Continued

woman covering breasts with scars underneath to show breast augmentation recovery

How Do Anatomical Breast Implants Results Change Over Time?

There are ways that anatomical breast implants results can change over time but this can vary depending on the type of breast implants you choose to have. They tend to come in two forms; round or natural. Natural anatomical implants, also known as teardrop implants, try to mimic your breast shape to provide a more … Continued

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Surgeon drawing lines for breast implant

What Are The Benefits Of Having Textured Breast Implants?

Textured breast implants can come in two different forms of coating; silicone and polypropylene coating. At Gary Ross, we prefer to only choose the silicone coating when it comes to breast implants as they provide more options. Within the separate coatings there are two types of surfaces which is the textured and smooth surfaces which … Continued

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woman lifting saggy neck with hand

What Are The Different Types Of Facial Implants Available?

It’s important to understand that there are different types of facial implants available and there are different anatomical locations in which the procedure can be conducted. For most patients, the most common places they choose to have implants include the chin and cheeks. For the next video in our vlog series, we look deeper into … Continued

doctor pressing cheekbones of woman during cosmetic surgery

What Happens In A Facial Fat Grafting Procedure?

There are many different ways that a fat grafting procedure can occur but the main way that this procedure takes place is fat being needed to be transferred from one area of the body to the face. In this vlog, further details are provided on how a facial fat grafting procedure takes place, the results … Continued

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man with lines on face to represent cosmetic surgery

Different Types Of Skin Plumping Treatments

There many different types of skin-plumping treatments available to choose from. There are also non-surgical methods that can help to change and plump the skin to provide it with a fuller and younger effect. This is normally through non-surgical heating and cooling devices which use different levels of energy to plump up the skin. For … Continued

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man with lines on face to represent cosmetic surgery

Skin Reconstruction Surgery For Defects After Cancer

Unfortunately, we are continuing to see skin cancer rapidly rise in a number of patients and as a result, they’re requiring skin reconstruction surgery. The procedure to remove skin cancer cells can often leave defects on the skin which require reconstruction of the skin in order to provide it with a more aesthetically pleasing result. … Continued

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