Do you perform bodyjet liposuction?

Yes and often this can be performed alongside other surgical procedures. Bodyjet liposuction is a type of liposuction that uses high jet water pressure energy to break up the fat while simultaneously removing the excess fat. Although it can be performed under local anaesthetic you need to weigh up the pros and cons of this at a consultation.

Can I drive following liposuction?

Driving is an insurance related question and if you are able to perform an emergency stop then you are able to drive. In my practice I would always review patients after one week to determine whether they could drive. The extent of surgery will ultimately determine your recovery. Presuming all your wounds are healing satisfactorily most patients are able to drive after 2 weeks – although this is variable depending on the individual. For isolated areas of liposuction in certain areas one is able to drive sooner than if one has had more extensive liposuction procedures.

What is bodyjet liposuction?

Bodyjet liposuction utilises high pressure fluid to aid the breakdown of fat while at the same time allowing fat to be removed. The fluid helps to develop the correct dissection plane and it allows the deep fat to be removed easily at the expense of the superficial fat. As such it reduces the risks of superficial irregularities. The fluid also has anaesthetic and adrenaline and my impression is that there is less bruising and less discomfort in comparison to traditional forms of liposuction.