What are Pethese breast implants?

Pethese implants are a make of implants from mentor who are now owned by Johnson and Johnson. They are a range of implants that are an anatomical shape and are taller than they are wide. The dimensions make them one of the most anatomical shaped implants available. They are smooth microtextured implants that are manufactured in Mauritius. They are particularly useful in reconstruction and for patients with long chest walls and breast footprints and those wishing to achieve a natural fullness in the upper portion of the chest.

One of my breasts has swollen following breast augmentation. What should I do?

I would consult with your original surgeon. Often the swelling will settle on its own accord but if this does not improve then it may be worth investigating this further and you.

I have had a previous breast augmentation and the shape of the implants has changed. What should I do?

I would recommend consulting with your original surgeon. It is important that if you wish to have a second opinion that you have all the details of your original implants.

I have had a breast augmentation and want to be bigger. Is this possible?

Following an initial breast augmentation the skin will have stretched. It is often possible to increase the size but the pros and cons need to be discussed in a consultation.

I had previous PIP implants – should I be concerned?

You will find further information on PIP implants on the recommended reading list. Currently there are no links between PIP implants and genetic or cyto toxicity. It is generally recognised that the shells of PIP implants are relatively thin and there is a question as to the consistency of the gel within. It is recommended that these implants be removed. You should have a consultation to consider the pros and cons of further surgery.

What are CPG implants?

CPG implants are a range of implants by mentor who are owned by Johnson and Johnson. They are memory gel implants that are anatomically shaped. They have FDA approval and are one of the few breast implant companies with FDA approval.