When does the swelling go down?

Following breast augmentation there is often swelling during the first few weeks. It is important to stay in a support bra during this time. Often the implants remain hard during the initial weeks and it can take a number of weeks and months for the implants to soften.

When can I wear and under wire bra?

I would recommend remaining in a support bra for 4-6 weeks and would also recommend a sports bra when you exercise. If there is a special event within this period it may be possible to wear an under wire bra for a limited period.

When can I go back to work following a breast augmentation?

After a breast augmentation your recovery and your job will dictate when you can return to work. I usually would advise patients to leave 1-2 weeks before returning to work although this does vary depending on each individual.

When can I get the wounds wet?

I normally advise patients to keep the wounds dry for the first week following surgery. Occasionally patients do get the wounds wet and this does not seem to be detrimental to healing. I would not advise bathing the wounds following surgery during the first week. After the first week one is able to shower and bathe normally. For breast augmentation I would recommend avoid swimming pools until the wounds have healed.

When can I fly following a breast augmentation?

For all general anaesthetics I would recommend not flying for 4 weeks following any surgery requiring general anaesthetic. In certain scenarios it may be possible to fly sooner than this but the risks and complications e.g. DVT are increased if one flies sooner following a general anaesthetic. The risks are reduced if one wears thrombembolic stockings, drink plenty of fluids, mobilise during the flight and are only going on a short flight bit flying within 4 weeks is not recommended and patients wishing to fly before this should weigh up the pros and cons and alternatives.

When can I exercise following a breast augmentation?

I would usually not recommend exercising in the first week. Walking is always encouraged although lifting should be limited. Following review at one week I would usually discuss what exercises would be relevant to you. I always encourage patients to remain in a support bra for 4-6 weeks postoperatively and also encourage support bras to be worn as patients get back to normal exercise programmes. Gentle exercise such as running and cycling can often be commenced after 2 weeks and swimming is encouraged once the wounds have healed. One should try and avoid too much contact with the breasts in the initial phases.

What is capsular contracture?

Capsular contracture if excessive scarring of the capsule that forms around the implant. Every foreign body put into the body creates a protective layer and this is normal. However this capsule can thicken and this can alter the shape of the implant and can also cause pain. Where this occurs the capsules are deemed to have contracted. There are differing severities of capsular contracture depending on how they affect each individual patient.

What is boob cream?

There are many creams that are marketed as breast enlarging creams. There is no evidence that any of these creams work.

What is a boob job?

A boob job generally refers to breast augmentation where breast implants are placed into the breasts to improve the size and shape.

I have had a previous breast augmentation and I do not know what I have had placed. Will you be able to replace the implants?

If you can remember your previous surgeon or where you had the implants performed you can request this information from your surgeon or the hospital. It is always best to have this information before proceeding with any revision surgery. If you are unable to find this information it is possible to remove and replace your implants although there will be some limitations. Estimating size and shape is also easiest if you have initial preop photos.