I have developed a lump following a breast augmentation. What should I do?

Often with breast augmentation the edge of the implant can cause concern and it can feel hard. It is important to define whether this is a discreet lump or related to the implant. If the lump is discreet your GP may also be worth consulting with as it may warrant a referral to a breast unit. The majority of discreet lumps are benign but if concerned you should make an appointment to come back and see me.

I am planning to start a family shortly. Should I have breast implants now or wait?

The best time to have breast augmentation is to wait until after you have completed your family. A consultation to discuss the pros and cons will be important in helping you make an informed decision.

How many breast augmentations have you performed?

I have performed hundreds of breast augmentations throughout my career. These include both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. It is important to consult with a surgeon who has experience of all the various options of breast augmentation and mastopexy implant techniques in order to make an informed decision.

How do you determine the size of implants?

To provide the most natural result the implant should be the same width as the natural breast width. Different implants can be chosen to give the shape that the patients wishes and there are variations in the height of the implant and the projection of the implant. I use a sizing kit and give patients a variety of implants to try and help determine size. I also show preop and post op results to try and determine the result patients wish to achieve.

How do you choose implants?

Choice of implants depends on the size and shape you wish to achieve and also on the make of implant you wish to have. There are many implants and many sizes and shapes and a consultation will help determine what implant is best for you.

I have droopy nipples. Can I have a breast augmentation only?

Breast augmentation can lift the nipples a little. The most anatomically shaped implants are probably best at doing this but there is a limit to what can be achieved by this. Often a mastopexy is the best option and this can be carried out at the same time as a breast augmentation. There are different mastopexy techniques and different scarring patterns. A consultation will help to go through the options and help you make the right decision.

Do you use PIP implants?

I have never used PIP implants but have helped a number of patients who have had PIP implants performed elsewhere.

Can I sleep on my front after breast augmentation?

I would advise patients to sleep on their back for 6 weeks although sleeping on ones side is not really an issue if it is comfortable. I do recommend wearing a support bra day and night during this time period.

Can I improve the scars following breast augmentation?

The scars following breast augmentation are variable and depend on the extent of surgery. Simple techniques such as massage can help and I generally recommend Vitamin E cream. It is best to massage the scars once the scars have healed. It is reported that silicone can help soften scars and silicone can be provided as gel sheeting, silicone gel or silicone strips. It is uncommon for abnormal scars to form but often it can take a year or so for the scars to fade.

Can I have round implants above the muscle?

Round implants tend to give more fullness in the upper part of the breast. Often when placed above the muscle one can feel the top of the implant more easily that any other implant in any other pocket. I generally do not recommend round implants above the muscle.