Can I have fillers injected into my breasts?

Other than breast augmentation and autologous fat transfer there is nothing else that is recommended to be placed into the breast. Although fillers have previously been available they have now been withdrawn from the marketplace

Can I have breast augments placed through an armpit incision?

It is possible to place breast implants through an armpit incision but it is more difficult to achieve a guaranteed result and one had less control of the bottom of the implant at the crease of the breast. An inframammary incision allows more control over the position of the bottom of the implant. For anatomical silicone implants the inframammary incision is preferable.

Can I have breast augmentation at the same time as an abdominoplasty?

This is not an uncommon request and yes both surgeries can be done at the same time. I would always perform the abdominoplasty first and then the breast augmentation as once an abdominoplasty has been performed the lower part of the crease under the breast can change in position. Although the surgeries can be performed individually at different times patients like to only have only one general anaesthetic and choose to have multiple procedures.

Can I drive following a breast augmentation?

Driving is an insurance related question and if you are able to perform an emergency stop then you are able to drive. In my practice I would always review patients after one week to determine whether they could drive. The extent of surgery will ultimately determine your recovery. Presuming all your wounds are healing satisfactorily most patients are able to drive after this – although this is variable depending on the individual.

Can I breast feed following breast augmentation?

It would be uncommon for breast augmentation to be a cause of not being able to breast feed. If you are unable to breast feed following breast augmentation then it may have been that you would not have been able to breast feed regardless of whether you had an augmentation or not.

Can hormones increase breast size?

Yes hormones can increase breast size but there are often other side effects and I would not recommend general use of hormone therapies. In certain circumstances hormone therapies under the care of your GP can be prescribed although the indications are limited.

Can anatomical implants rotate?

All implants can rotate. If round implants rotate there is often no effect on the overall result. For anatomical implants rotation can be mild and one can often not notice the effect. Occasionally the implants can rotate in a manner that distorts the shape. In this case patients may require a further operation to correct this and may even be necessary to replace the anatomical implants with round implants.

I have had a breast augmentation many years ago and have developed hardness. I have experienced pain in the armpit. What should I do?

If you are experiencing problems with pain and discomfort it is best to be checked out. It is likely that you have developed capsular contracture and it is often important to rule out that there is nothing else going on. Although capsular contracture in itself is not an absolute indication to remove implants one needs to consult about the pros and cons of leaving things alone, removal of the implants, replacement of the implants and treatment of the capsules.

I had breast augmentation 10 years ago. Can i have the implants removed and replaced with similar implants?

Absolutely but it is worth consulting regarding whether this is in your best interest or whether there are other options. Implants can be left in place for a lot longer than 10 years if you are not having any problems. Often with time the capsule changes and the breast tissue drops. There are options to consider including surgery to the capsule and to the breast tissue if this has occurred.