What do you enjoy about being a plastic surgeon?

Being a plastic surgeon is both fulfilling and satisfying. By combining reconstructive and aesthetic techniques I am able to give patients back what they may have lost and enhance patients quality of lives.The consultations preoperatively and postoperatively allow me to see how patients change and develop following cosmetic surgery and this is extremely rewarding.Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery continues to develop with new techniques and I can continue to refine and improve my results. I can determine which procedures give patients the most improvement and can try and understand what makes patients satisfied. The changing nature and perception of beauty is fascinating and keeping up to date is essential. This search for knowledge and furthering education allows me to stay fresh, improve and learn.

Every patient is different, every consultation is different, every surgical procedure is different, every postoperative consultation is different and we learn so much from our interaction with patients.

I would like to have an immediate reconstruction following my mastectomy. Is this possible?

It is important that the pros and cons and risks of this are discussed with you so that you can make an informed decision. In certain scenarios this a preferred option although one must consider the oncological operation as the priority. Generally if radiotherapy is going to be required I would recommend patients having a delayed reconstruction. There is the option to perform an immediate delayed procedure where a temporary immediate reconstruction is performed and then a definitive reconstruction performed at a later date.

I have had a reconstruction but do not have a nipple or areola. Can I have one?

Yes there are many options. There are nipple areola moulds that are relatively easy to make. There is also the possibility of performing nipple areola tattooing to create a 3D appearance. You can also have a nipple built for you by a plastic surgery procedure and then the tattoo performed or the nipple can be built after the tattoo.

I had a mastectomy 3 years ago but did not have a reconstruction. What are my options?

The choice of reconstruction at this point depends on the size of you other breast. Often there is a deficit of both skin and breast volume. To get the best results one often has to consider transferring the tissue from elsewhere in the body. One can use the excess tissue of the abdomen, the buttocks, the thighs and the back. Occasionally you would also need to have an implant if there is s size mismatch.