I want to get rid of the excess tissue of my lower abdomen and pubic area. Will an abdominoplasty give me the result I wish for?

Surgery will often reduce both the skin and fat excess of the lower abdomen. Liposuction can also be performed at the same time to remove any extra fat in the lower abdomen and flanks. There are different ways of removing the abdominal tissue and this is determined by what you are trying to achieve. The pros and cons of the different techniques can be discussed at a consultation. A total body lift may be better for you if there is excess of tissue all the way around the tummy.

I have had bariatric surgery – can I have a total body lift?

Often following weight loss though bariatric surgery you will have a number of scars on the abdominal wall. You may also have a gastric port still in place. It is important to be weight stable prior to a total body lift and important to tell me if you have a port and whether you plan to continue using this port. Bariatric surgery often does lead to excess skin all the way around the body and it is important to discuss the various options at a consultation.

How much does a body lift cost?

The cost of a total body lift depends on what result you wish to achieve and the extent and distribution of the fat and skin excess. It is also dependent on the amount of liposuction required. A consultation will help to determine what type of body rejuvenation surgery is best for you. You will always be able to discuss the cost of surgery after a consultation.

Can I improve the scars following total body lifting?

The scars following a total body lift are variable and depend on the extent of surgery. Simple techniques such as massage can help and I generally recommend Vitamin E cream. It is best to massage the scars once the scars have healed. It is reported that silicone can help soften scars and silicone can be provided as gel sheeting, silicone gel or silicone strips. It is uncommon for abnormal scars to form but often it can take a year or so for the scars to fade. Although scar revision following total body lifting is uncommon it may be that total body lifting does not remove all the excess skin wanting to be removed. There are limitations to how much skin can be removed and also if there is excess higher up on the back and chest this will not be addressed by total body lifting.

Can I drive following a total body lift?

Driving is an insurance related question and if you are able to perform an emergency stop then you are able to drive. In my practice I would always review patients after one week to determine whether they could drive. The extent of surgery will ultimately determine your recovery but often in total body lifting in can take over 2 weeks before I would suggest you should drive. Presuming all your wounds are healing satisfactorily and your posture is back to normal by 2 weeks you may be able to drive – although this is variable depending on the individual.